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Summary of my 2016

Looking at the lock screen of my phone, it is 31st of December today. A new year is coming into my life in less than 1 day. I feel like doing a summary of my 2016 in this post because it was a completely different year for me.

It was the most complicated year I’ve ever been through, starting with all of the good stuff that happened to all the drama that the world has been through. It was like a long fast roller coaster but when it came to the end it felt so fast but away from everything:

First and foremost,
I have finally graduated! 
Like after studying in schools for so many years...
(and still waiting for my graduation ceremony which will be held in the late April 2017)
The last semester was really tough, everything was so rushed. 
But, it was definitely memorable. 
My uni life was indeed wonderful,
I don't walk alone πŸ’ͺ
I got my companions who have accompanied me along the way to lead me success.
My parents, siblings, boyfie, jovy, besties, classmates, and the strict and friendly lecturers.
Oh ya and the most efficient one - Google

I did an operation in the late November to remove the large fibroadenoma (non-cancerous cells) on my right breast.
Fibroadenoma is commonly happening among women.
(I would suggest that it is essential to scan/check your breasts condition regularly *at least once a year*
and of course seek for doctors' advice too)

Back to my topic
In general, Fibroadenoma is not necessarily to be removed unless it affects you or gets larger as time goes by... etc
In my circumstance,
It is considered as large in size
and somehow affected me.
An example as below,

Good news - the wound will not be too obvious on my breast as it has been designated on my areola area.
Bad news - the post-operation was extremely tough.
It is supposed to be a "happily ever after" ending since I have removed the cells.
Unfortunately, I have encountered several issues during my post-operation period.
Infection is one of the risk in every operation for anybody.
Sad news for me.😟

My wound got infected despite it was being carefully managed and handled earlier.
I was ill for several days including wound bleeding, high fever and infection.
Later, my wound has been re-opened in order to heal my illness by cleaning the whole wound with specific solutions.
I had the most expensive antibiotic I have ever had in my life coz my bacteria resists to many of the antibiotics on the specific checklist. (Few thousands of myr for only 14 tablets, wtf*)
Also, I was required to clean my wound every day at the hospital.
E-ve-ry-dayyy until it is fully recovered

Trust me,
Words couldn't help to express my emotions toward such unforeseeable incident but my mom, boyf and my best friend jovy have witnessed my journey.
They got my back. *tears* 
They are always there to support me unconditionally when life seems to blindside me with undesirable events. 
They are here for me w/o complaint, supporting me in the moment of need and not for their own selfish or self-gratifying reasons, but because my well being to them is the foremost in their mind and heart.πŸ˜‡

Proudly saying, I am back to normal life after 2.5 months of treatment.
Of course, I do source for my own happiness that could assist my bad emotions.
I read good books.
I go for normal outings when my condition is considered under control.
Despite the outings were short per day 
but at least I was exposed to a more lively environment in contrast to my initial daily routine (eat, sleep, hospital and repeat)

Last but not least, 

"When someone has your back, your life is greatly enhanced."

Got me an escape period till the end of 2016 after my last finals in July.
That's what I hoped for so long.

Thereafter, I have travelled to different places with my companions.😊
Travelling with the best partner - best friends, crazy and outgoing gang, boyfriend, and the family, is the most precious thing in my life.
I'll definitely keep these memories as my treasure.


My best friend and I at BKK,

My crazy gang and I at KSM,

 With my dear Yan 

 Crystal, Joanne, Huan, Yan

 Taken this shot when I was otw back to KL 

My boyf and I at GC and AUS,

Experienced the incredible 360-degree views of this famous coastline and hinterland from a new perspective @ Sky Point Climb Gold Coast  , 270 metres above sea level and we made it!!!
(Photographer is provided, no phone and camera is allowed :< )

 (were otw to whale watching at gold coast)

A baby whale w the giant father. I love the last part when they flipped their tails

 (were otw to St.Kilda for penguin watching)

 Celebrated our 2nd anniversary at No.35, Melbourne (The table arrangement was perfectly designated by the restaurant ever since they have acknowledged that both of us were planning to have an anniversary dinner. so surprised huh!)πŸ‘«
I quite regret of getting this pair of heels from an online store
because it seems like not what I have expected earlier

 Girls like to take countless of photosssss everywhereeee (or just me?)

Siblings trip to Mount. Dandenong 

My little niece <3 

Rave at DWP JKT,

Me, Jovy and Jaycee

My favorite opening goes to Zedd

With part of the gang! 

With my pig

Me and my family at MEL this December , 
It was fantastic to witness my sister's graduation ceremony on her master program at RMIT University. 
We are SO SO proud of you!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

My birthday brunch #24122016 😍

Xmas day @ Federation Square

My queen and I

Celebrated Secret Santa with the family: The before and after
Spending Xmas day and my birthday with the family is definitely a blessing for me in 2016
5 words to express myself in Chinese: η»ˆδΊŽδΊΊι½δΊ†

Thank you guys for making my birthday celebration alive in Malaysia before I'm flying to Mel! πŸ’£
The celebration date was scheduled in a rush due to my flight issues
(supposed to have few celebrations :<)
Thank you for the show up and jokes
Sorry that I was late for half an hour HA-HA😝
It was a remarkable night! *Applause*
Venue: Blue Room 33

 Jane, Daphny, Jovy

 Jovy, Vivian

 Jane, Daphny, Jovy

 Weng, Boyf, Mike, Vivian

My video-fie

Boomerang from Instagram 

Last but not least,
The enhancement of my knowledge on any relationship.
 my relationship with the boyf, best friend and my family have been enriched and accelerated by the events that we have gone through this year. 

Never give up on yourself despite you have your own flaws.
Everyone is prestigious and glamorous.
I have learned to be more alert, brave and attentive toward obstacles.
It's fine to have bad/sad emotions initially 
but always learn to sustain yourself 
you are your own territory
love yourself and the good companions around you.



New Year’s marks a new beginning. 
New people to meet, 
new adventures to enjoy 
and new memories to create. 
Here’s wishing you the Happiest New Year ever!

Btw, My favorite photo of the year *2016 [got it from a random post on FB]

The End

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