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Hello.|I am|Christina|welcome and| hope you enjoy my blog|as much as I do|Scoll down to read more, Peace!

Welcome back, Christina

It's been a while since I blogged 'bout myself. 
I've discontinued my blog ever since I have gradually prolonged the activity level of me in maintaining my own blog; and the fact that I have become more active on Dayre, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook - fast, direct and convenient wise

Dayre, I do have a mini blog on Dayre which is accessible through its App for mobile devices. It offers many interesting features for bloggers to refine and to improve the creativity of their blog post. Nonetheless, I found myself more comfortable on writing my blog post through the use of  PC, rather than the cellphones/touchpads (Just like gaming via PC is rather excited as compared to via HP). Additionally, I have my own flexibility to decorate my blog on Blogspot :p (part of my interest!)


Albeit the popularity of blogging isn't as lively as before (recall back to the old days where Instagram, Snapchat and etc have not been developed and published), but it does better for one to share/review/discuss/express more about himself/herself/a particular topic. True, people tend to compose/ read a blog post in a more attentive and careful manner as contrast to the recent social platforms due to the fact that a blog post may be much authentic and informative provided with a better description. Yup, so it's great to be back here again! Guess I'm sort of getting out of the topic, last but not least,

Here, there is no specific theme on my Blog. I think I'm gonna post everything accordingly (EVERRRRRRYTHING) So stay tuned!


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